The Stag King

It was the sound of splashing water that called him to the glade. He heard it echoing off the rocks of the stream as he hunted in the yellow dappled light of the woods. His hunt so far having been fruitless, he turned keenly toward the sound, sharp eyes peering through the brush, ears straining, sifting through the sighs of the leaves and the stalks of grass that bent in the wind.

He crept forward, muscles tense, and silently notched his arrow and drew his bow. His feet made no sound as he padded over the damp soil, creeping through the bush. He peered around the branches, ready to take aim at the creature in the stream. That was when he saw her.

It was only a young woman, from the village, no doubt, splashing in the water. Had she not heard the stories? Did she not know that it was dangerous for a woman to come alone to bathe in these silver pools? He scanned the opposing bank for signs of a companion or a guard and saw none. She was truly alone. He let his bowstring fall slack and knelt, placing it on the ground.

He watched her intently for a moment as she splashed the cold water over her arms and face. She looked around nervously, as if she could feel his eyes burning against his skin, but he knew he was too well hidden for her to spy. He watched as she unclothed herself to her waist, pulling open the laces of her bodice, and folding it neatly on the bank. Even from this distance, he could see the peaks of her nipples, dimpling the thin fabric of her shift. He shifted uncomfortably, as she pulled loose the drawstring at the top and pushed the flimsy cloth down over her shivering shoulders.

He could feel his own excitement growing underneath his skin, the blood beating faster, his muscles tensing. He took a deep breath to steady himself and his nose was filled with the scent of soil and leaf and sharp water. Underneath their bright odors was another, the warm human musk of the her, rich with the scent of her perfumed hair and skin. He flinched against its intrusion and clenched his fist against the damp earth, knowing that his body was preparing himself for a decision he had not yet made.

She did not seem to realize the danger she was in, the stupid wench. She had peeled down the material of her shift and was unclothed to her waist. He watched as she knelt, pale hair falling over bare shoulder, and splashed the crystal water against her skin. She straightened, and dropped her hand, letting the water run over her shoulders and between her breasts. It dripped down her clavicle, leaving a silver trail that clung to her breasts, beading against her flesh like an early morning dew.

He admired the beads that shone on her soft skin, and jealously watched as she splashed herself again, letting the water spill over her pink nipples. The droplets slid under the heavy curve of her breasts, trickling towards her navel. She was trembling in the chilly air, and he imagined that he could see the goosebumps that were raised on her skin as the wind played with her light blonde hair, fanning it slightly in the breeze.

He realized now that his own skin was suddenly too hot in the early autumn air, though his fingers felt cold. He felt himself stirring, the blood pumping more excitedly through his veins. A fire was rising in his stomach and he felt the flames push themselves lower into his abdomen and out to the tip of his cock, which was waking now, coming to life from where it had rested heavily only a moment before against the bare muscles of his thigh.

He silently stripped himself of the quiver that had been strapped to his naked back and laid it on the ground beside the bow. Still crouching, he crept lower, the scent of her filling his nose. He did not make a sound or remove his eyes from her as he exited the cover of the trees, stalking towards the stream. She was half turned now, occupied with unlacing her skirt and sliding it down over her narrow hips.

He supposed that it must have been the movement which finally caught her eye, for he had still made no sound, even as he had entered the water, cold and shocking as it was against his bare flesh. Her round lips fell open into a most appealing “oh,” and she froze in her movements, throwing her arms over her exposed breasts, even as the waist of her gown fell lower around her pubic bone. He watched its progress with interest.

Although shocked, she did not scream and she did not turn to flee, even though he knew the sight of his white horns and nakedness must have shocked her. She stood frozen on the bank even as he made his few last steps through the water, exiting to stand almost at her side.

Her mouth fumbled for words, though she found none. He watched the emotions play across her face. Shock, perhaps fear, and was that excitement that he sensed? He took a hesitant step forward, and sniffed the air around her, hoping for a clue in her scent. It was then that she chose to run. She was no match for him. He was an excellent hunter and within two bounds had thrown his strong arm around her waist.

He yanked her hard against his body, and clapped a hand over her mouth before she thought to scream. He did not fancy the idea of having the entire village rushing to hunt the demon that haunted the nearby woods. He had worked carefully to shape the world around him here, terrorizing the nearby humans just enough that they left him in peace, hidden from their prying eyes. He tightened his arms around the wench. He would not release her until she explained her business here, intruding into his carefully protected territory.

She struggled against him and the feeling of her squirming flesh against his erect cock was almost more tempting than he dared admit. He gasped into her blonde hair and shuddered as her wriggling caused the waist of her skirt to slip even lower, exposing the curve of her buttocks. His arms were light iron around her, and she quickly gave up her struggling. As her trashing stilled, he tried to ignore the feeling of his hard cock settling against the curves of her plump cheeks.

Slowly, he released the hand he had clapped over her mouth and pulled it against her neck, up to her hair. He curled his fingers in her silken locks and pulled her head back towards him, resting the other hand over her flat belly. He sighed into the nape of her neck, and felt the pulse in her throat beat wildly against his lips. He felt as if he was becoming drunk on the soft smell of her skin. “What are you doing out here? Alone?” he growled. The words felt heavy in his mouth. He was not sure how long it had been since he had last spoken.

She wriggled against him some more, making him gasp. “I was looking for you,” she whispered.

This gave him pause. He raised his head from the intoxicating scent of her throat and tightened his grip on her waist. “What?”

Her chest rose and fell in little ragged puffs as she breathed “they said you were handsome. I wanted to see.”

“What!” He flinched against her and she yelped as the hardness of his body slammed against her yielding flesh. The feeling made him dizzy. “And am I?” He felt an odd combination of flattery and disgust. The opinion of a human should not matter to him. He had never needed their acceptance before. Still, he could not deny that she interested him.

“Oh yes.” Her small voice made a puff of air turn white in the cold. She shivered.

He was oddly pleased and released the handful of her hair to let his hand trail down her neck and shoulder until he brushed against the warm mound of her breast. He cupped the soft flesh in his hand and squeezed, letting his fingertips curl around the erect nipple. “And why should you wonder if I am handsome?” he murmured as she responded to his touch, shuddering against him.

“Because I wanted you to take me,” she said.

This was truly a surprise. “Why would you want a thing like that?” He released her breast and slid his hand upwards so that it was nestled around her throat. “Aren’t you afraid?”

She arched her back against him and adjusted her hips so that his cock nestled against the cleft of her cheeks. “Yes, but I need to know.”

“Know what?”

“What it’s like.”

He laughed then and stroked a finger along her hot clavicle and let the hand on her belly wander lower towards her hips. She gasped as his fingers touched at her light pubic hair and trailed further downwards, under the rough cloth of her skirt. “You want me to teach you?” he whispered, fingers reaching the soft cleft between her legs.

She shifted her weight as she automatically opened her thighs in response to his touch. “Yes, please teach me.” She gasped lightly and leaned her head back against his chest.

He ran his fingers along the edge of the hot gap between her thighs, then let one finger lazily enter the slick dampness between. She was so wet that he bit his lip in surprise and tensed his muscles as she rocked her hips to his touch. He slowly drew the finger in and out of her, letting her rock against him as he played with her.

“Why do you want this? Are you not afraid of lying with a demon?” he frowned, though she could not see it. Abruptly, he withdrew his hand from her slick thighs and brought his fingers to his lips, sucking the sweet taste of her off him. Truly, he was growing mad with desire for her, to even consider it.

“There’s a man in the village,” she said, “that I want to know how to please. We are to be married soon.”

“Aren’t you sweet,” he mocked, placing his fingers against her lower lip. Her tongue darted out to his flesh and she suckled the tip of his finger, mouth warm and wet and obliging. He let his grip around her waist loosen and she turned to him, pressing her breasts heavily against his chest as she rose on her tiptoes and brought her mouth to his. “Why not find a human to teach you. Surely there are other men in your village.”

She smiled ruefully. “None that interest me. And besides, how I could trust someone else to keep the secret from my betrothed. You won’t tell anyone.”

“Enough talk.”

His lips met hers hungrily, and she opened her mouth readily to his tongue. He kissed her hard and let her tongue explore his mouth as he gripped her waist with both hands and slipped her already low-hanging skirt off from her hips. She stepped obligingly out of it, and their naked bodies pressed together in the cold. His cock stuck against her belly as he grabbed her ass with both hands, drawing him tighter against him.

The decision had already been made and he was too weak to fight it. He wanted so much at that moment. He closed his eyes against the lust, wanting to feel her sweet mouth closing over his cock, to feel her hot cunt covering him, to rub the length of himself over her warm body until he came over her breasts and nipples and mouth, but the rushing blood in his head made it hard for him to focus. He pawed at her, almost angry that he could not have every part of her all at once, and then lifted her into his arms. She squeaked as he took this control of her body, but obligingly wrapped her slender legs around his waist.

He couldn’t wait to join himself with her, now that it was so close, and so he lowered her almost gently to the ground, placing her on her back, legs still around his waist. Now on his knees, he grabbed his throbbing cock in one hand and adjusted it so that it brushed over her wet and curling pubic hair and then met the opening of her lips.

He looked into her eyes for the first time. They were dark and gray like the stones in the brook, and heavy-lidded with desire. Her cheeks were bright and pink, and the flush extended from her face down her pale neck and over her chest and round breasts. His hair fell into his face and she brushed the coppery strands away for him. “Please,” she said. “I’m ready.”

He did not need any more invitation and pushed his heavy member into her. There was some resistance as he shoved himself in, his cock forcing itself into a space that should have been too small. She let out a surprised yelp, but she was so slick and wet that he was able to slide in. He pushed past the initial resistance of her flesh, which soon gave way as her body sucked him hungrily in, her inner walls gripping tightly onto his cock.

He buried his full length in her, feeling her shudder beneath him. He took his first few thrusts, reveling at the sight of his fat cock slamming into her tiny hips. He schooled himself, forcing himself to slow down, to delight in the sensations without being overcome too soon. As for the girl, she trembled, but said nothing and barely moved, even to draw her breath.

This lack of reaction angered him. He wanted her to feel as wild as he felt and so he let go of caution, and pushed himself into her faster, and harder. His hips ground against hers so hard that he was sure it must have hurt her, and yet still she made no sound. He bit at her throat and grabbed the mounds of her breasts almost violently. He was furious at his desire to possess her. If it were possible, he would have skewered her in every orifice all at once just to get her to make a sound.

He pushed her legs backward, so that her hips met his at a more dangerous angle. At this backward slant, it was harder to fit himself in her and she finally cried out as he jammed himself in her as far as he could go. She pushed against his chest, squirming beneath him, but he did not relent. He pushed against her firmly, pressing her legs even higher into the air, and digging his fingers into her round bottom. She yelped again, and bit at his bottom lip.

He groaned with pleasure, rutting her like a bull. Suddenly she whimpered and he felt a rush of hot liquid against his groin and an iron grip clamping down on his cock. She cried out against him as her body shook in waves, pulling him deeper and deeper into her. It was too much for him to bear, and he yelled out as well, losing his hard-earned control. He let his pleasure flood out from him, feeling as if he were a dam being overcome by flood waters. His cock pulsed within her, shooting hot spams of his seed into her womb.

He cursed himself as she stilled underneath him, legs still tight around his waist. His breath was coming in gasps and he realized that he was dripping small droplets of sweat onto her. She looked at him wide-eyed, although there was something taunting in her smile.

“Well that wasn’t much of a lesson, was it?”

He laughed despite himself and shifted his hips. Although he could feel himself growing smaller, he was still enjoying the firm grip of her cunt. His arms tightened around her possessively. “I suppose you want another lesson?”

She arched her back, and nibbled at the tender flesh of his neck. “Several.”