Delta Bayou and the Civil War Movie Murders

When Detective Delta Robbins hears about a mysterious death on the set of the Civil War movie being shot at a local plantation, she is eager to prove her mettle by finding the killer and stopping the string of mysterious accidents that have plagued the production. There’s only one thing standing in her way—the sexy and infuriating Detective James Stanford, who has also been placed on the case to supervise Delta and rein her in after her slip-ups on her last case. It’s an easy decision then when the handsome director, Blake Hartford, makes Delta an offer she can’t refuse—to join his production undercover, taking over the role left open by the latest victim. It’s just the solution that Delta needs to give her some space from Stanford while allowing her to rub elbows with the glamorous Hollywood people who are the buzz of Bafford County, Georgia. Will Delta find herself distracted by the glittering personalities and tantalizing co-stars who surround her, or will she solve the case before the murderer strikes again?

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