Delta Bayou and the Miss Dixieland Pageant

When a local beauty pageant is suspected of being a front for a synthetic drug operation, Detective Delta Robbins knows that she’s the only cop on the force able to infiltrate the drug ring and catch the perps. Although she is new to the Bafford County, Georgia, police force, Delta has never been afraid to go undercover... or under the covers to get her man.

Unfortunately, the case has already been given to her handsome, but smug, coworker, Detective James Stanford. Eager to prove herself to her new colleagues, and to Stanford in particular, Delta challenges him to a sexy wager to entice him into letting her take over the case.

When he agrees to her terms, Delta finds herself immersed in the world of the Miss Dixieland pageant, getting to know the mysterious judges and beautiful contestants. Will she be able to solve the case and win the bet she made with Stanford? Or will she be dragged into the dark undercurrent of the beauty pageant world of sex, drugs, and secrets?